Canadian livable quonset greenhouse


Just received this nice note and pics from a Canadian home greenhouse gardener:

“I just wanted to tell you, i built a greenhouse in southern Alberta Canada and picked up your book. It has helped us build a great greenhouse. You make things very simple to follow for beginners and i have had very good success. Just wanted to say thank you for writing the book and keeping it simple as i am a mechanic not a gardener but looking in my greenhouse now you would not know it. The information is to the point and excellent. I have recommended the book to countless people and use it every day. Thanks for a great book.”
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Greenhouse poetry

Check out these great Haiku poems about greenhouses that came from Jennifer Ebeling who has the great gardening and podcast site

She says:

“In honor of my interview with Shane Smith of, the kids and I thought it would be fun to close out the show with some original greenhouse poetry – specifically a few greenhouse haikus. You can hear the kids read them at the end of episode 507. Or, feel free to read along below.  We hope you enjoy our batch of 10 Greenhouse Haikus. – See them here.”
Listen to the interviews with Shane Smith here.

Never Alone, with Warm Spring Feelings in the Greenhouse

-Submitted by Mary, from Illinois:

Hi, I live in Illinois and the weather has been fantastic lately, a little scary though, as we know we still aren’t out of Mother Nature’s winter fury. But I have been spending my early evenings in the greenhouse trying to get things prepared.

The smell of the greenhouse gives me warm spring feelings as it is my favorite getaway. Continue reading

Junk Greenhouse

-Submitted by Shane Smith; Cheyenne, WY:

Greenhouse built in 1979“This photo was taken in around 1979. It was one of the first home solar greenhouses constructed in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was built by my former neighbor, Isador Lopez, who was in his 70′s at the time. He had long dreamed of having his own greenhouse. After seeing how simple my solar heated greenhouse functioned, he seemed empowered. Continue reading

Labor of Love

-Submitted by W.L. Heath; from north central Massachusetts:

Greenhouse in Massachusetts“I have been working on my greenhouse since the beginning of August and it is nearly done. I have to share with you pictures I took of it because it is through the knowledge I acquired mainly from your book. I used some of Norm Abram’s (of The New Yankee Workshop) construction ideas and adapted them to my own design. Continue reading

Sacramento Sun Catcher!

-Submitted by Greg; Sacramento, CA:

Greenhouse in Sacramento, CA“Hi Shane,

I really enjoy your page, I would like to share the pictures of the greenhouse I just finished a couple of months ago.

The greenhouse is free standing and built from tempered glass that was once sliding doors all over Sacramento. I don’t know if Sacramento is really the climate that needs a greenhouse, but I wanted one. Continue reading

Hoophouse Built from a Kit in Cape Cod

-Submitted by Anonymous:

“I recently finished putting up a 10′x20′ hoophouse kit from the supplier in Cape Cod. Their ads are in Organic Gardening and I think Kitchen Gardener and Sunset magazines. I am happy with the results. The shipping is inexpensive as they can get, the service is prompt and friendly, and if you want to leave out part of the kit, as I did, you can. I used Tuffbell which I purchased separately, instead of the plastic that comes with the kit. I am proud to say that although I am a female , I was able to follow the directions and do all of the work myself, except for pulling the covering over the frame once it was up.”