Early Fall- a crucial time of year for planting

If yoHerbs greenhouseu have a solar heated of energy efficient minimally heated greenhouse, then this is the time of year that you really need to pay attention to planting now for winter greenhouse growing. Be sure to check out my free ornamental and vegetable planting schedules here.

You absolutely need to get those seeds ordered and started before the days IMG_0854get really short, the nights get long and cold sets in! Seedlings don’t take up much space so you can always make room for your next crop.

When it comes to veggies in cool greenhouses, focus on the leafy greens, cole crops and root crops.

Greenhouse SnapsWhen it comes to cut flower ornamental for the winter bouquet, look for sweet peas (variety “winter elegance”), pansies (most any do great), and snapdragons (stick to the bred for winter “Maryland” series).

Look for many more choices of both ornamental cut flowers and vegetables suitable for easy and big harvests for winter greenhouse growing in the book “Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion.”

Seedling time!

Young plants growing in greenhouse

By starting your own seedlings you can grow anything you like, not just what the garden centers want to sell. In the end you’ll find it is easy and you’ll save a ton of money..

Be sure and visit the new growing schedule for spring posted here.

Now is the Time to Get Ready for Winter

weatherizing the greenhouse

Have you checked your vents for leaks? It is time to be sure that your greenhouse is tightly sealed from cold air. Just a few small air leaks can drop the temperature of your greenhouse immensely. Look into applying weather-stripping to all vents and doors. I prefer the more compressible (and cheaper) foam tape, because it allows for the vents and doors Continue reading