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This page includes companies selling greenhouse kits. Some of these companies are manufacturers and many others are simply resellers. You will likely find some duplication in what is offered. Many also sell supplies helpful to operating a home greenhouse.
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A Gardener’s Resource,, P.O. Box 85072, Tucson, AZ 85754, 1-520-792-8023
Greenhouse supplies, greenhouses and more.

Aarons Creek Farms,, 380 Greenhouse Drive, Buffalo Junction, VA 24529, 1-800-487-8502
Sells hobby greenhouses including the Gronhäus greenhouse cold frame/greenhouse product and strawberry plants for greenhouse production.

ACF Greenhouses,, 380 Greenhouse Drive, Buffalo Junction, VA  24529, 1-800-487-8502
These folks sell a nice variety of different greenhouse kits along with a full line of accessories and supplies.

-Submitted by D. Myers, from Springfield, Illinois

“I bought a portable hex green house from AFG Greenhouses, $275 + shipping came to a little over $300 (see Hex Portable Greenhouse). This is a really good value… It does take two people to put up  ( the stretching of cover and securing it only) and took about 2 1/2 hours but next time I think it should take less than an hour. It did come without one tie down that we noticed after we put up …the MFR sent a new fabric top out that same day at NO charge and got two days later so all was well. The flexible metal piece that fits in a sewed loop on the door to give it stability is very hard to insert and do so completely !!! but other than that it was a breeze.

You need a fairly level ground and I would recommend putting mulch or insulation around the bottom inside and or out… that is a weak point cold air can and does get in under the bottom of GH …. the only other weak point is the straps that loop under the bottom of frame and keep the fabric in place ARE TOO SHORT …you really need a vise grips to gab the strap and attach it to the buckle…… The covering is suppose to have an anti condensation coating but it WILL drip when it gets hot enough but who really cares!!!

This is otherwise a terrific buy … we had hail, 40mph winds ,snow 2″ of heavy rainand a tornado within 3 miles during the first two weeks I had it …a real torcher test and the GH withstood everything …I did have to reattach the straps cause they are TOO short ( as stated) but the GH withstood everything without a hitch.

You do need a small heater if your like me in a northern area… it got down to 15 degrees but with a small milk heater it stayed cozy …and the screened and zippered vents and door worked well during the day keeping it from getting too hot… I did have some trouble with the zipper during the 15 degree snow period it was sticky …very sticky …but that is not unusual wit a zipper.
Overall anyone that understands the limitations of a portable GH will be amazed how nice this GH is and what a bargain it is…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

Advance Greenhouse.Com,, 701 N. Duncan Ave. Amite, LA 70422, 1-877-228-0444

Carries a wide variety of kit choices. Primarily an internet company.

American Greenhouse Kit Company,, 4903 Denton, Boise, ID  83706
Carries a wide selection of kits from cold frame to back yard to commercial sized. They also carry supplies and books. Nice web site, good selection

BackYard Greenhouses,, locations in both Windsor, Canada and Detroit Michigan, 1-800-665-6263
This company sells a number of residential greenhouses, lean-to’s and pool enclosures. It appears that their greenhouses are constructed with aluminum and tempered glass. They have free delivery to the Continental U.S. and Canada. Greenhouses are said to have a “Lifetime Guarantee.” They also have a small list of supplies, accessories unique garden products and rare and exotic seeds.

B.C. Greenhouse Builders Ltd., A5-19327-94th Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada V4N4E6 604-882-8408, 1-888-391-4433
These guys have been around since 1951! They sell quality glass and polycarbonate greenhouse kits- most are aluminum frame types. They also have a fancy conservatory line.

-Submitted by Ken H., from Bellingham, WA:

“I own a 12 X 20 traditional B.C. Greenhouse that was put up in 1988 by my wife’s uncle.  We disassembled and moved it 3 years ago. It was easy to put up even without instruction. I needed a small part as I changed the door height and B.C Greenhouse was very helpful and quick with shipping the part.  In spite of the age it is in excellent condition. I also recently put up an 8 X 12 traditional attached to an existing building. B.C. Greenhouse Builders was again, pleasant to work with and communicated well by emailing drawings and information with both myself and the client.  The order was received a week late with no explanation of why. The instructions were very good and included a CD video demonstrating the installation.  It went up easily.  B.C. Greenhouse Builders did a follow up call a couple weeks later to make sure we were satisfied.  In summary, customer service was excellent with the exception of no notice of the late delivery until I called the day before it was supposed to be delivered.  The product is excellent, strong and will last a lifetime.”

Cedarbuilt Greenhouses and Solariums, http://cedarbuilt.homestead.com2625 Daybreak Lane, Abbotsford, BC  Canada, V3G 2W9, 1-604-852-9322 1-604 850-8511
As the name implies, they sell greenhouses constructed of cedar. Nice looking too!

-Submitted by Renee, from Anchorage, Alaska:

“We purchased a Cedar Built greenhouse several years ago.  I have recommended them to everyone who ever asks.  They are a beautiful greenhouse.  They are also very sturdy, we live in Alaska and have heavy snow loads and high winds, frequently.  Our Cedar Built GH has stood up very well to the extremes.  The customer service is excellent, you talk with the owners, the assembly instructions were well written and we are now purchasing a second one from Cedar Built.  They do come in a zillion pieces, so minor skill/knowledge with carpentry is helpful.”

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, office: 303-495-5006
Ceres Greenhouses specialize in passive solar, energy-efficient greenhouses. Their solar heated design allows the greenhouse to stay above freezing year-round with no additional heat by using highly-insulated pre-fabricated walls, polycarbonate roof and glass windows. They have many automated options including a ‘self-heating and cooling’ system using the soil underneath the greenhouse. They offer customizable options to match your home’s siding. Greenhouses can be tailored for your climate and rated for any wind and snow load. Kits available, and turn-key installation available in Colorado.

Charley’s Greenhouse Supplies, 17979 State Route 536, Mount Vernon, WA 98273, 1-800-322-4707, One of the most complete sources of greenhouse supplies and accessories. Large selection of quality greenhouses and other products specifically for the home greenhouse. Great informative and colorful catalog. Great folks!

-Submitted by J.D., from Salt Lake City, UT:

“I like their solargrow, but it needed a lot of caulking to keep it from having air leaks” J.D. – Salt Lake City

CropKing, Inc.,, 5050 Greenwich Road, Seville, OH 44273 1-330-769-2002
Carries indoor hydroponic kits, greenhouses, lights, growing mediums, books and more for large and small growers. Hydroponic oriented.

CSI Hobby Greenhouses,, 15850 West Colfax Avenue, Golden, CO  80401, 303-273-9085
Sells a number of steel framed (galvanized after fabrication), polycarbonate greenhouses. Reasonably priced!

-Submitted by J.S., from Denver, CO:

“The greenhouse seems real sturdy.”

Curry’s Greenhouses,, P.O. Box 9323 Columbus, Ga. 31908, 1-800-861-1130
Sells a hobby and commercial quonset and lean-to greenhouse kits. All are built from galvanized steel and can be covered with poly, fiberglass or polycarbonate. Will do custom work.

DIY Plastics, & Located in the United Kingdom, they carry a wide range of plastic glazings and greenhouse kits.

Ecologic Technologies, P.O. Box 1038, Pasadena, MD 21123-1038 410-431-7106
Offers selections of hobby and commercial grade greenhouse kits. Installation available nationwide. Also sells misting and fog systems along with other supplies for growers.

EnviroCept Greenhouses, Etc.www.envirocept.com8 W. Sunrise PR NW Benton City, WA 99320, 888-326-8634
Carries a wide variety of kit greenhouses as well as a broad selection of supplies.

Everlast Greenhouses,, 3286 Beaver Lake Rd., Winfield, British Columbia, Canada, 1-2501766-1588
Specializes in curved glass parts. Also have a variety of kit greenhouses. Worldwide shipping, various glazing choices.

Farm Wholesale Greenhouses,,  3740 Brooklake Rd. NE, Salem, OR  97303, 1-800-825-1925
Sells reasonably priced greenhouses and cold frames using a unique PVC-based glazing (call for free sample). The framing is also unique using a combination of PVC pipe and anodized steel. They also sell accessories and parts.

Four Seasons Sunrooms,, 5005 Veteran Memorial Highway, Holbrook, NY 11741, 1-800-368-7732
Sells greenhouse kits. Has many local dealerships.

4 Season Greenhouse,, 3419 Northeast Parkway 888-814-7531 San Antonio, TX 78218
Sells a wide variety of kits from numerous manufacturers including Rion, Halls, Sunglo, Santa Barbara, Solexx, and more. They also sell lawn and garden supplies and replacement parts for greenhouses.

-Submitted by P.S., from Denver, CO:

“This retailer makes claims they are “experts” in the greenhouse industry, yet I rate them extremely poor on service and sales follow-up.  Going into 7 weeks of original order (with payment in full up front) and numerous phone calls, and emails — have resulted in “0” (zero) progress on shipment.  I realize orders sometimes have to be placed with manufacturer (not in stock), but these folks evidently have not followed up with origination source as my efforts have hit a brick wall.   We are talking about a $7K order (less a generous discount)…still comparable to other retailers selling same product.  As of this writing the best information I have received was from a manager at Juliana America, supposedly a corporate office in Red Wing .  After no replies from retailer, it became obvious I had to resort to manufacturer who responded that greenhouse was “being held” (no reason given) and would be shipped Jan. 14th from a ‘warehouse’.”

Garden Under Glass,, 40 Huron Rd., Bellerose, NY  11001, 1-516-775-0866
Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

Gardener’s Supply Company,, 128 Intervale Rd., Burlington, VT 05401-2850, 1-800-863-1700
Carries greenhouses, tools, growing supplies, and more. Update: “We are no longer selling the Northern Light Greenhouses, but we are the manufacturer and we do still have parts available for our existing customers. Call in the Greenhouse dept at 1-800-688-5510 and we’ll be happy to assist you.”

-Submitted by S.J., from Colorado:

“I like my Northern Lights Greenhouse and seems to be one of the more energy efficient on the market”.

-Submitted by B.W., from Orange County, NY:

“I am an owner of a Northern Light Greenhouse.  One year old.  I just love my greenhouse.  This was one of the worst winters in the North East in many years.  My plants flourished.  It was always warm and cozy.  We had to purchase one more tank of bottled gas (50 pounds) more than other winters.  I do not have running water but a 40 gallon barrel of water made watering convenient.  I filled it up when needed.  I started all my flowers and vegetable plants this spring.  It gets five stars from me.”

-Submitted by B.J., from Vermont:

“My cat poked holes in my Northern Light Greenhouse which I fixed with tape, but I was still disappointed.

-Submitted by T.T., from Wyoming:

“A massive hail storm (2” diameter stones) dented my NL greenhouse plastic- but I was able to suck the dents out with a heat gun. Now it is like new.

Glass Hut Greenhouses, Eugene, OR, 503 320-3548, Pre-assembled welded frame greenhouses- look strong! Hurricane force wind tested with 120 MPH warranty, Snow Load: exceeds Northwest codes, delivered fully assembled by technicians who build them.

“What a wild ride. We have recently installed a greenhouse made by Glass Hut from Eugene, Oregon. The product seems durable, appears to be quite well made, and has a number of very attractive features.
We bought direct from the sales office in Eugene. Paid in full, in advance of manufacture, as requested. That’s when the roller coaster ride took off. We suffered through an amazing number of delays in manufacturing, trying to deal with a firm that ignored most attempts at communication. The product arrived some 4-6 weeks after promised. When delivery finally occurred, four hours late, the truck contained only the driver. The greenhouse is not moveable by one person–there appears to be an assumption that delivery consists of their truck pulling into your driveway.
We had several back-ordered items. We were notified that they had arrived, and would be installed the following week. Our landscape designer, who was acting on our behalf, attempted to obtain a commitment as to delivery date. She was told that Glass Hut would not accept communication from her, and would communicate only with their clients. The missing product was eventually installed, although not within the week promised. 
Buyer beware: This is a firm that continuously ignored and refused to communicate with someone acting on our behalf and at our request, and provided extremely poor customer service and communication throughout the lengthy process.”                K. Edwards–Sandy, OR.

Glass Structures Limited, PO Box 3222, 296 Irving Street, Framingham MA. 01705-3222,1-508-877-6457, Sells greenhouse kits and Lord & Burnham greenhouse parts, supplies and more. Be sure to read the reviews for “National Greenhouse Company” below as they sell many of their products.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses, P. O. Box 1564 (ZN), Mobile, Alabama 36633-1564, 1-334-432-7529, Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

The Greenhouse Connection, 800-474-1464, Distributor of traditional English hobby greenhouses, and Halls Garden Products Ltd. of England. They have created a network of local independent garden centers, nurseries, mail-order garden and seed catalogs, and greenhouse supply companies located throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain states that sell their product. Informative web site.

“Last year I purchased a Hall’s greenhouse kit.  It is 12x8x8, & has twinwall polycarbonate glazing.  The kit was very easy to assemble, and has performed as advertised.  I live in northeast Ohio.  Therefore I insulated with 1/4″ bubble wrap, and I heat with a small propane heater, and a supplemental electric heater when the temperature is is the 0 to 10 degree range.  Frankly I have had more trouble with the propane heater than anything else.  So far so good.” 

Growing Spaces, P.O. Box 5518, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147, 1-800-753-9333. These folks specialize in quality, solar heated dome greenhouses. They have varying sizes and prices from which to choose.

Harbor Freight Tools,, Offers lower cost greenhouses.

“I erected a harbor freight last year I think the instructions were written by a 2 year old parts did not fit properly and were not marked. It will not hold heat at night even at 40 degree outside temp. the heater runs all the time.I guess for the money it is a good cold frame. Buyer Beware stay away from merchandise that is made in China no matter what American name is on the box.” Tom, upstate NY
“We bought two of the Harbor Freight 10 x12 greenhouses last year.  We really haven’t used them because we can’t keep the panels from being blown away in the wind.  We added extra clips to the panels but that didn’t seem to help.  After the last storm, about half the panels blew out of both greenhouses and we found the door panels from one of the greenhouses laying on the ground, frame and all.  We’ve also noticed that the panels are not holding up to the sun.  The ones that were on the roof are yellowing and brittle.  They are definitely not the same quality of panels that are in my portable cold frame.  It was made by a quality manufacturer,  is over 3 years old and the panels are still in great shape. We are going to try to reinforce the Harbor Freight greenhouses and screw down the panels, as recommended in some of the postings on the internet.  I don’t know what we will do about the deteriorating panels.  We will probably end up replacing them with quality panels, at least on the roof where the major sun damage is taking place.  All in all, we would say “buyer beware:  you get what you pay for”.  If we had it to do over again, we would pay a little more and get something that would hold up better.”

Heirloom Greenhouses

Heirloom Greenhouses,, 6532 US Highway 287, Norris MT, 406-685-3677. Sells handsome wood greenhouses and garden cottages.

Hobby Gardens, P.O. Box 193, New London, New Hampshire  03257, 1-603-927-4283, Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

Hoop House Sructures, 1358 Route 28, South Yarmouth, MA 02664, 1-800-760-5192, Sells greenhouse kits and more.

Imperial Systems Inc. Solar Optic Greenhouse,8312 Purvis
Summerland, British Columbia, V0H 1Z0,  Canada, 1-250-494-3226 manufactures a fiberglass greenhouse that is modular, and it’s length can be easily extended.  The greenhouse is guaranteed against breakdown for 20 years.

International Greenhouse Company, 13 Market Street, Sidell, IL  61876 USA  1-888-281-9337, Carries a wide selection of greenhouses starting with low-cost hobby kits, to medium priced kits and a good selection of commercial sized greenhouses. Also has a wide selection of greenhouse supplies.

Janco Greenhouses, 93990 Davis Avenue, Laurel, MD  200723, 1-800-323-6933, Sells greenhouse kits, supplies, and more.

Juliana Greenhouses, 960 Lone Oak Rd. Suite 114A, Eagan, MN, 1-800-576-5618. American distributor for Juliana greenhouses, one of the leading European manufactures of hobby greenhouses. These are sturdy, well built products.
I have a Juliana Compact 9.9 greenhouse I bought and assembled 4 winters ago. Yes, I built it in February, but did the final install first of spring when I could dig for water and electrical conduits. This is a lovely, sturdy structure that I use for 4 seasons. I heat with electric in winter (was my best financial choice looking at a 10 year plan) and use a misting system to cool in summer. It has passed the extreme weather test toughing out storms that brought 4 feet of snow. I have never lost a roof or side wall poly. It states that the poly can go in uncaulked with their system, however I have a tighter structure with the caulking. I would also recommend taping the top and bottoms of the double wall poly so bugs don’t get in them. I have found their support service to be excellent. Building was easy once I figured out what the pictures represented. They will help you every step of the way with building and problem solving. I would choose this product again! Fortunately I can add on if I want a longer greenhouse.
– L. Lombard, Westfield, MA

Maine Garden Products, Freedom greenhouse.They sell a unique greenhouse that has a solar powered system that raises the roof for cooling!

National Greenhouse Co., 10983 Leroy Drive, Northglenn, CO 80233, 1-800-303-1543, . They offer polycarbonate and glass structures that include curved roof and attached options. They also offer some accessories. National Greenhouse Co. is owned by the large commercial manufacturer, Nexus Greenhouse Company,

I own a 20 x 23 tempered glass Grand Hideaway from National Greenhouse Company.  I purchased through Glass Structures Limited.  The service through Glass Structures was good.  I asked for spec sheets ahead of time so that I could build the knee wall, and they were promptly sent.  After the GH was built I retrofitted some systems that required a few extra aluminum pieces and they were also promptly sent. The greenhouse went together without a hitch.  The directions were good, and they included a helpful glossary.  There were only perhaps a half dozen holes in the entire structure that were not drilled, but even those were marked and so drilling those holes was no big deal.  The greenhouse is beautiful.
My only complaint about this greenhouse (and I don’t know that this not a problem with many greenhouse kits) is that the sill plate has a one inch lip which causes the sill to act as a gutter and collect condensation in the winter.” Tom, Missouri  Also carries greenhouses manufactured by the National Greenhouse Co. (Nexus).

North Country Creative Structures, Route 197, RD# 1 Box 1060B, Argyle, New York 12809, 1-800-833-2300, Sells Greenhouse kits, supplies and more.

Northern Greenhouse Sales, Box 42, Neche, ND 58265, 1-204-327-5540. These folks specialize in woven polyethylene glazing. They also carry greenhouse building supplies and more.

Rion Prestige Greenhouse- Reader comment:

“I put up a 8×16 Rion Prestige greenhouse last year. It blew to bits in the first winter storm. Totally unsuitable for Canadian conditions. They (the company that sold it to me) basically ignored my warranty claim. $4000 down the drain. Beware!” D.H.

Solar Components Corp., 121 Valley St., Manchester, NH 03103, 1-603-668-8186, Specialize in glazing, greenhouse kits, and environmental control systems for greenhouses and sunrooms. Also one of the few companies (if not the only) to carry fiberglass water containers (tubes) for thermal mass and aquaculture.

Solexx greenhouse & Panels, 3740 Brooklake Rd. NE, Salem, OR  97303, 1-877-476-5399, Sells very reasonably priced greenhouses and cold frames using a unique and proprietary PVC-based glazing (call for free sample). This glazing is very unique among kits and is comparable to polycarbonate. The framing is also unique using a combination of PVC pipe and anodized steel. They also sell accessories and parts. Shane Smith says that they are good people to do business with.

Sturdi-built Greenhouses, 11304 SW Boones Ferry Rd., Portland OR 97219, 1-800-334-4115, Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

Sundance Sells polycarbonate, trim components, and glazing systems for Build-It-Yourself greenhouses, sunrooms and solariums. Extensive how-to information on their web site. This is an Internet catalog only and often has great prices along with one of the best interactive sites for calculating your needs. Easy ordering!!!

“Great  prices on polycarbonate!”  F.G. Kansas

Sunglo East Greenhouses,12763 Bradwell Road, Herndon, Virginia 20171, 1-800-941-5166, Sells greenhouse kits, supplies and more.

Sunglo, 214 21st SE Auburn, WA 98002, 1-800-647-0606, Hobby greenhouse manufacturer.

SunPorch Structures, 495 Post Rd., East, Westport CT 06880, 1-203-454-0040. These guys sell a neat kit that converts from a screened-in porch to a sun room/greenhouse.

Sunshine Greenhouse, PO Box 2068, Longview, WA 98632-8190, 888-272-9333, . Sells both redwood (see to the right) and aluminum framed greenhouse kits, “largest domestic manufacturer of quality greenhouse kits,” growing supplies and more.
Have been in the business a long time- good people!

Texas Greenhouse Company, 2524 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth, TX 76107 1-800-227-5447, Sells greenhouse kits, accessories and more.

COMMENT: “I ordered a 20′ X 30′ aluminum greenhouse with one gable end from Texas Greenhouse Company for $12,727, including the 10% discount for prepayment on April 12, 2001. The delivery date was scheduled for around July 15, 20001. I decided to use them because I live only four hours west on IH 20 from their plant. I hired a contractor to build a concrete foundation & brick store room to be attached to the greenhouse, using the delivery date time frame. I called a week before the due date. I was asked, “Who are you? What did you order? When did you order it?” “Someone will call back with answers.” Two days pasted and I called again. “Who is this”, “When was it ordered”. They were running behind and it would be two weeks late (end of July). Of course, my contractor would be ready in a few days. I had budgeted over runs, so paying the contractor to play golf for a week or two, instead of losing him would be ok. I called them a week before the due date, but neither Eddie nor Sharon would return my calls. The receptionist was very nice, I wonder how her middle child is doing? Finally, after threatening legal action, and refusing to pay the $1900.00 delivery charge (so much for the 10% discount), the greenhouse arrived around August 20th. With the cost over runs, I had to let my contractor go after helping him construct the frame. The construction directions weren’t in Japanese, but almost. My wife, bless her heart, help me tape and put in each “pain” of glass in the blazing West Texas heat. I got over my fear of heights, my wife got a new car, and no one in two counties can beat my contractor at a game of golf.
Conclusion: Perhaps, Texas Greenhouse caters to the clients that have them construct the greenhouse. I certainly wouldn’t know. The product is A+. The customer service is F-. If your looking for a greenhouse to put together yourself, my advice is to continue your search.”
Ronnie Rainey

Turner Greenhouses, P.O. Box 1260, Highway 117 South, Goldsboro, NC 27533-1260, 1-800-672-4770, Sells greenhouse kits, growing supplies and more.

Tuff Greenhouses 877-435-8833 A manufacturer of residential sized greenhouse kits.  They say they “specifically designed this kit to withstand all the harsh elements that tend to destroy most hobby sized greenhouses.”  They offer three sizes 8×12, 13×24, and 20×48. The glazing is an inflated poly film with a 4 year warranty.

Ventura Sunrooms, 8274 Quincy St., Ventura, CA 93004, 1-800-747-3324, Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

Vermont Sun Structures, Walker Hill Rd. Williston, VT 05495, 802-879-6645. I know the owner, Dennis Bates, and he is a good man, so you can’t go wrong with this company, especially if you live in the northeast U.S. They utilize post and beam construction, an aluminum glazing system, and state-of-the art glass to build sunrooms with a special emphasis on energy efficiency and comfort. Look at the built-in details for longevity in northeastern climates.

The Portable Greenhouses:

Up until recently greenhouse kits were more permanent and structurally solid. More recently manufacturers are developing low-cost, plastic film covered, portable greenhouses that are used more as season extenders rather than heated greenhouses. Here is one product that I really like:

I was excited to be involved in the first portable greenhouse to be built with shock-corded tent technology called the Grönhaus greenhouse. The Grönhaus was perfect for extending the growing season and for newcomers who are wondering if greenhouse gardening is for them without make a large cash outlay (the Grönhaus sold for around 200 to 350 dollars depending upon the type of unit- there are around 5 types from small cold frames to walk in structures). The Grönhaus is among the highest quality product of all the portable greenhouses that I have seen. Now the Grönhaus is hard to find (some catalogs sell the Gronhäus under the name of “Jiffy-up.”) but there are many knock-offs of differing quality. Be sure to investigate the warranty first!

Portable greenhouses set up and/or comes down in less than 30 minutes. It stores in a duffel bag for winter. I have quickly set my Gronhäus up over a tomato bed when a hail cloud was about to hit- I got full protection. It adds extra weeks of extra frost protection over any garden bed. Get those last tomatoes to fully ripen or start spring seedlings earlier. For more info go to my page that is titled “some of my favorite products.

There are now many knockoffs of the original Gronhaus and as a result the Gronhaus has become hard to find. When shopping for a portable greenhouse beware because  the quality varies widely. Be sure you read the warranty before you buy. These work best as a walk-in season extender but are far from the quality of a solid, permanent greenhouse. 

I have a Juliana Compact 9.9 greenhouse I bought and assembled 4 winters ago.  Yes, I built it in February, but did the final install first of spring when I could dig for water and electrical conduits.  This is a lovely, sturdy structure that I use for 4 seasons.  I heat with electric in winter (was my best financial choice looking at a 10 year plan) and use a misting system to cool in summer.  It has passed the extreme weather test toughing out storms that brought 4 feet of snow.  I have never lost a roof or side wall poly.  It states that the poly can go in uncaulked with their system, however I have a tighter structure with the caulking.  I would also recommend taping the top and bottoms of the double wall poly so bugs don't get in them.  I have found their support service to be excellent.  Building was easy once I figured out what the pictures represented. They will help you every step of the way with building and problem solving.  I would choose this product again!  Fortunately I can add on if I want a longer greenhouse.