What to Plant Right Now

Scheduling for year-round harvests and blooms in the Greenhouse

The schedules provided on the bottom of this page tell you what to plant right now and when those plants will be mature.

lettuceGreenhouseScheduling has everything to do with successful greenhouse gardening. You should always be thinking many months ahead and sow something for future harvests every couple of weeks. Scroll down and you will find some great, free schedules to help you plan your future crops. If you want year-round schedules check out my book.
Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion.’ It has complete year-round schedules and even more information on how to set up your own schedules. tomatoglazing3If you need a copy you can order it online by clicking here.

This is also the time when the bugs are still hanging around the greenhouse. One of the most important things you can do is not let things get out of control as we go into winter! Develop your own early warning system by checking regularly on the underside of the leaves for the beginnings of infestations.

Don’t miss the chapter in the book Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion on controlling pests with the latest in low-toxicity bug controls. See our page on pest control.

The following information comes from the book: Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion by Shane Smith Click here to order.

Grow your own and share with friends and family. Nature is abundant!

Scheduling is one of the biggest problems people have when growing in a greenhouse. Especially if your greenhouse doesn’t have supplemental lighting or perfect heating and cooling systems- most of us don’t run perfect temperatures so we have to adjust to the greenhouse climate which means paying attention to the seasons.potting bench This is extremely true if you are growing in a primarily solar heated greenhouse, high tunnel or try to conserve on heating and cooling costs.

Timing in a greenhouse is everything!

Use the pdf charts below to not only know when to plant but when to harvest. they are timed to whether you run a warm greenhouse or a cooler greenhouse.

Vegetable schedule August through November (pdf)

Ornamental Schedule August – Nov (pdf)